Feel the Finnish Lapland

Imagine a place steeped in mysticism, wilderness, snow covered forests and beautiful frozen lakes.

Up in the north of Finland, where the sun does not rise for some weeks during winter, the days are blue. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of the sun, far away in the distance, but it’s difficult to recognize whether it’s dawn or dusk.

With winter temperatures ranging from a comfortable zero to a freezing -35celsius, Lapland may sound like an extreme travel destination. But don’t be suspicious; if you wear warm, layered winter clothes you can definitely take the cold and enjoy winter activities in the beautiful white landscapes of the Arctic Circle.

IMG_7236 IMG_7019

Head out to the frozen lakes for some ice fishing, cross-country skiing or skating. When driving a snowmobile you can enter terrain that is inaccessible in the summer and dash across the frozen, snow covered lakes with a speed of 130km / hour. (Just don’t forget to wear a helmet!)

IMG_7220 IMG_7049

Hike in the snow to the top of a fell to enjoy the silence unlike anywhere else on earth. The only thing you will hear is the snow crunching under your winter boots. The breathtaking views will be worth every step taken. If you are lucky, you might spot wild reindeer or elk.

IMG_7107 IMG_7163 IMG_7277 IMG_7283IMG_7171 IMG_7174

After a long day outside, enter the traditional Finnish (smoke) sauna and enjoy the peace and quiet while your muscles relax in the heat. If you have the courage, swim in an ice hole of a frozen lake, and once back on dry land, notice how your body starts to warm up as the blood circulation kicks in.


On cold nights with clear skies, remember to keep a watch for Aurora Borealis – nature’s spectacular show, which you can only see in the North. It is a view you will never forget, I promise.

How to get to Lapland from Helsinki?

By (night) train: Travel to Kemi, Rovaniemi, Kolari or Kemijärvi .

By airplane: from Helsinki to  Kemi, Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Enontekiö or Ivalo.


11 thoughts on “Feel the Finnish Lapland

  1. Beautiful crisp photos. I like smoke saunas more, but would not be courageous enough to jump into a lake or roll in the snow.

    I have visited friends in Finland a few times but have never been to Lapland. I would like to go there when the sun is up for 24 hours, though I am told that there are mosquitoes the size of small birds in the summer. Not sure if the latter is true :)

    • Thank you! I also love the smoke sauna. The cold water feels freezing only for a moment, then the blood circulation kicks in to keep you warm :) I’m glad to hear you’ve been to Finland and would still like to visit the north! It’s lovely in both winter and summer. There are indeed clouds of mosquitoes in the summer, but the big ones don’t bite ;)

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