A Weekend in Belgium

This weekend I traveled to Belgium for the very first time. In three days we visited three cities; Brussels, Bruges and Antwerpen. It sounds intensive, but actually the towns were not very big (so we also had time to relax). The weather was great and the food was good, so it really felt like a nice little holiday in new surroundings.

I will add more pictures soon. The one below is from Bruges, which was a lovely little place!


Viikonloppuna matkustin junalla Belgiaan. Ehdimme kolmen päivän aikana kiertää kolme eri kaupunkia; Brysselin, Bruggen ja Antwerpenin. Kolme kaupunkia kolmessa päivässä saattaa kuulostaa todella intensiiviseltä, mutta todellisuudessa ehdimme oikein hyvin tutkia alueita ja istuskella ulkoilmaravintoloissa.

Lisään varmasti pian enemmän kuvia Belgiasta. Yllä oleva kuva on Bruggesista, joka oli suosikkini viikonlopun aikana nähdyistä paikoista.


2 thoughts on “A Weekend in Belgium

    • That sounds great! I can really recommend Bruges. It’s a small town with a limited amount of places to see, but I really enjoyed walking and exploring there. I could have easily stayed for longer as it’s such a pretty place with a very nice atmosphere! Belgium has lots of good beer! :)

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