A Unique Czech Pub Experience

”Don’t tell me you’ve come to the Czech Republic to drink Coca-Cola!”

The people of Czech Republic are very proud when it comes to two things: their ice-hockey and their beer. My local friends made sure that we will get to try some Czech beer too. We were taken to a very nice pub in Prague and were excited to see that we had a beer tap waiting for us at the table we’d reserved! The drink of the night was Pilsner Urquell (not that I’d really recognize the difference between beers, but it was good anyways:)

Serving yourself beer from “your own tap” is a fun experience. You get to choose how much you drink and how often – without having to queue to the bar. Above the tap there’s a touch-screen from which you can order other drinks and food too. (There was even a jukebox setting!) The screen will also show you how much money you’re about to spend, which saves you from nasty surprises. Then again, the prices were not bad; a full pint of beer cost around 1.5euros!

At the back wall of the pub there was a massive silver screen showing how much beer had been consumed at each table. This naturally got people from different tables to compete against each other and thus spend more money. On this busy Friday evening one table of people had consumed 54 liters of beer by midnight! So nope, this is not a restaurant for a romantic evening, but perfect for a laugh with your friends.

At the point when free shots were being delivered AND a stripper walked into the bar, the faces of us Finns must have been very hilarious. As a memory of this we got our picture taken and printed in a hideous Jägermeister frame for free. Indeed for a Finnish person, this Czech night out was exotic and tons of fun! I promised my local friends that they will get a Finnish drinking experience in return one day.

One important saying to be learned in Czech is”Na zdraví”! (Cheers!)


”Ettehän te nyt mitään Coca-Colaa täällä juo!”

Tšekkiläiset ovat erityisen ylpeitä kahdesta asiasta: jääkiekosta ja oluesta. Amsterdamin Heineken-museossa oppimani oluenmaisteluniksit tulivatkin käyttöön, kun paikalliset ystävämme johdattivat meidät Prahassa pubiin, jossa jokaisessa pöydässä oli oma oluthana!

Kyseisessä pubissa kukin vierailija saa siis täyttää oman tuoppinsa niin usein kuin mieli tekee, ja hinta sitten määräytyy oluen määrän mukaan. Jokaisen oluthanan yläpuolelta löytyy ruutu, jossa vierailijoilla on omat profiilinsa. Ruudusta voi paitsi tarkistaa laskunsa tilanteen ja tyhjennettyjen tuoppien määrän, myös tehdä ruokatilauksia nälän yllättäessä.

Pubin takaseinällä olevassa valkokankaassa näkyy aina erikseen kuinka monta litraa olutta on kulunut kussakin pöydässä, joka laukaisee hauskan kilpailutilanteen eri pöytien välille (tämä onkin melkoinen tapa saada asiakkaat käyttämään enemmän rahaa). Tuona perjantai-iltana johtajapöydässä oltiin kitattu jo 54 litraa olutta keskiyöhön mennessä! Hintataso on Tšekeissä alhainen (ainakin suomalaiselle), ja tässäkin pubissa puolen litran tuoppi hyvää olutta maksoi vain noin puolitoista euroa – ei paha!

Illan edetessä pubiin ilmestyi strippari sekä ilmaisia shotteja tarjoilevia tyttöjä. Me suomalaiset jo luulimme, että meno Tšekeissä on aina tällaista, mutta kyse taisikin lopulta olla pelkästä matkailijan tuurista :’D Lopuksi meidän hölmistyneistä ilmeistä napattiin valokuva, jonka sain ilmaiseksi oikein rumissa Jägermaister-kehyksissä matkamuistoksi. Eipä unohdu Prahan baari-ilta ihan hetkeen!

Kippis on tšekiksi muuten ”Na zdraví!”


4 thoughts on “A Unique Czech Pub Experience

  1. Hi! just to clarify two things, if possible: 1) such pubs are not czech at all, only for tourists, however you had fun and that’s important 2) in czech rep NEVER drink co.a c.la!!!!! there is the original and better czech answer to such imperialistic drink: KOFOLA. Try it next time you go to czech rep ;)

    • Hi, thanks for commenting! KOFOLA is really good, I gave it a go when my local friends told me they don’t drink Coca-Cola ;D Also tried Becherovka which was nice. Thanks for letting me know that the branch is not Czech, will look into it! My local friend took me there and we didn’t see tourists so I automatically assumed it’s Czech :) But hey, at least it’s nothing we have in Finland or even the Netherlands where I currently live, so it was a very exotic experience anyways. :)

      • Ciao Anna, i’m not czech, just in love with this country, that’s why I gave you my advises ;) good that you tried bekerovka too. What about Slivovice? That kind of pub are touristic cause the original czech style is with the waiter/waitress serving the table (his/her job consists also in taking care of the clients and bring always a new beer, that’s why tipping them when paying the bill is also a tradition), plus a good czech draft beer has to be ‘poured’ by a professional ;) cheers!

      • I can see why you love the Czech Republic! :) Thanks for telling me about the original Czech style pubs and restaurants – another reason to come back and experience more! :)

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