A little bike ride in Holland

Since I have a very busy internship I have tried different ways to stay relaxed and to enjoy the Netherlands as much as possible. One of these relaxing activities has been to hop on my bike and go for a long ride around and about. These pictures have been taken just outside Hilversum. Next time I’ll try another direction ;)

IMG_0029 IMG_0062 IMG_0074 IMG_0075 IMG_0082 IMG_0090

Kiireisen työharjoittelujakson aikana on välillä tuntunut hieman hankalalta rentoutua ja nauttia väliaikaisesta oleskelustani Alankomaissa. Pitkien työpäivien jälkeen olen lähinnä treenannut, kokannut, käynyt suihkussa ja painunut sitten suoraan pehkuihin.

Olen kuitenkin päättänyt, etten ihan ummikkonakaan halua täällä Alankomaissa asua! Tarkoitus on nyt syksyllä päästä matkustamaan vähän enemmän, ja haluaisin ainakin tehdä päiväretkiä ympäri Alankomaita ja toivottavasti vierailla myös Berliinissä. Niitä retkiä odotellessa olen käynyt muutamamisen kertaa kiertelemässä Amsterdamissa.

Sunnuntaisin taas yritän rentoutua pienien lähialueille suuntautuvien pyöräretkien avulla. Luonnossa kulkeminen ja rauhassa polkeminen onkin ollut mukavan rauhoittavaa puuhaa! Näiden hetkien ansiosta arki on päässyt välillä unohtumaan kokonaan, mikä tekee kyllä ihan hyvää myllytystä täynnä olevan työviikon jälkeen. Ihan vielä ei siis tarvitse harkita zen-munkiksi ryhtymistä ;)

Lisää kertomuksia elämästäni Alankomaissa on tulossa pian!


11 thoughts on “A little bike ride in Holland

  1. Hello, Anna! These personal rides are excellent to magnify your own “Dutch world” and to take a precious break from the daily hard work routine surely! And it will be so nice to read about your upcoming trips too – I hope you can visit Berlin!
    Best wishes! :)

    • Thank you, F! As someone coming from Finland I’ve noticed at a very young age that spending time in the nature helps reduce stress :) An riding a bike is so Dutch! ;) Have you ever been to Berlin? I am looking forward to see what it’s like.

      • You are welcome, Anna! I do agree with you – to spend a time in the nature is a pleasure and a necessity for health and inner equilibrium :)
        Oh, my most vivid references from Berlin are from the period just before the reunification of Germany (when I was very young). So, literally, a lot of things has changed dynamically since then! It is a city with distinct characteristics inside Germany that has a rich historical and sociocultural background and has been undergoing constant and remarkable remodelings ;)
        I wish you a great day!

      • Oh wow, you have visited Berlin during an interesting time! I can imagine how it has changed a lot, yet leaving small signs (like different types of lamp posts) showing what it once was like. I cannot wait to see the city and visit famous historical places. Many people I know loved Berlin, but others hated it.

      • Oh, from the mid ’80s until today Berlin has experienced a lot of transformations, in all senses for sure! Nevertheless, you can find a plenty of evidences of its history – from the monarchic era till the current Bundesrepublik order – when observing its architechture, urbanism and sociocultural life. It’s a great experience to be there and reflect about the fact that is a place where so many important historical issues happened right there… Berlin is a cosmopolitan city and has a kind of individual identity inside Germany – I had also noticed that people have one of two reactions patterns: they like the city or not ;) Will be a pleasure to read your own impressions about it, Anna!
        Wishing you a very nice weekend! :)

      • I wish you a great weekend too and thank you for commenting about Berlin, now I really want to go there! Hopefully I will be one of the people who fall in love with the city.. :)

      • You are welcome, Anna! I think you’ll enjoy the experience to visit Berlin too :) Oh, and I take this opportunity to congratulate you for having completed two months in the Netherlands! It is wonderful to get the chance to live in a foreign country in such positive way! :)
        All the best!

  2. If I didn’t post, to thank you for your blog and photos etc, I meant to..
    This one is ringing my bell because many yrs ago I wanted to do a vacation that was ‘different’, exercise/physical, and pretty land. So I took a bike ride through middle Vermont.. OH my butt.. I thought I was in shape and I also didn’t realize there wasn’t a flat road anywhere! Up hills, down hills, but mostly it seemed UP.
    Your photo gives me inspiration to plan a Holland Netherlands type of bike trip.
    Oh and I agree, the Netherlanders were so kind, helpful and plain old fun!

    • Haha, different vacations are exciting! I understand what you mean when you talk about your butt hurting! It’s good to get out of your own comfort zone every now and then :) Luckily the Netherlands is flat, and this really is a biking country! I agree, the Dutch are such friendly and fun people. I have lived here for only two months but it feels like home. Have a good day and thanks for your comment – was fun to hear about your biking experience!

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