No more winter coat!

Yesterday we were almost melting (Finns are not used to weathers like this), so we figured it’s time to go and get rid of our “winter coats”. This is a Finnish tradition and throwing your winter coat away basically means going for your first swim in a Finnish lake after the cold and dark winter. The earlier you go, the tougher you are! Some people go for their swim right after new year and jump into an ice-hole, but I’ve never done that.

Anyway, yesterday was the perfect day to take a dip in a lake close by. At first I was not that sure about it…


…But in the end it was not that cold after all!


Eilen oli täydellinen päivä talviturkin heittämiseen! Ranskasta saavuttuani olen himoinnut pääsyä suomalaisiin järvimaisemiin, ja eilen osui lopultakin sopiva hetki lähteä uimaan. Täytyyhän näistä helteistä ottaa kaikki ilo irti ja yrittää vähän rentoutuakin kerta Suomessa nyt viimein ollaan! Hauskoja hellepäiviä kaikille muillekin!


4 thoughts on “No more winter coat!

    • It is, we always compare who’s been the bravest! Going into an ice-hole is supposed to be OK if you are next to a hot sauna but I’ve just been a wimp :D

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