Christmas in Finland

Hyvää ja rauhallista joulua kaikille! (ranskaksi Joyeux Noël.)

Kiva olla kotona ja lumisissa maisemissa taas!


I would like to wish all of you a merry Christmas from snowy Finland!

I really thought it was cute when a Finnish news reader announced that Santa has started his 466 million kilometer  journey from the Finnish Lapland to visit all the children around the world. (Above is a video of Santa Claus!)

We asked for a white Christmas and we got it… There is so much snow that we need to dig our way out of the house!

But still. It feels great to be back home again.


8 thoughts on “Christmas in Finland

  1. I loved our Christmas holiday to meet the real Santa, go husky-sledding, reinder sleigh riding, etc… Alas we missed out on the Northern Lights, but hopefully we’ll see them in Swedish Lapland when we go in March!

    • Wow! It sounds like you’ve had a great time in Finland. I really hope you will see the northern lights in Sweden, it’s supposed to be a good time to see them this year! I love the northern lights, every time they look different.

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